The Secret World of RTP

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The Secret World of RTP

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One of the things I like about games set in modern times is being able to set things near where I live. So, I've been thinking about some story seeds for Raleigh/Durham, NC. I started a topic on it over on but thought I'd mention some ideas here. Still thinking about a storyline set of missions; these would mostly be side missions, probably.

There are a few areas that always seem to come up in the news for a higher rate of violence than one would expect - just north of 440 on Capital, for example, or New Bern Ave in Raleigh, right near the hospital. Perhaps a filth leak is nearby? Durham has a few similar areas, which might speak to a more extensive infestation.

NCSU has a small nuclear plant on campus, as part of the Engineering school. Lots of opportunity for Orochi involvement, maybe. Well, the Oruchi are probably all over Research Park, but a nuclear plant on campus is more fun.

There's a sewer blob underneath Cameron Village.

Several lakes in the area nearby are man-made, and when they made them, they flooded houses, neighborhoods, and even small towns. They said they got everyone out before the waters rose, but some say there are still ghosts there

Starlite Motel on Capital Blvd - the classic run down motel, seedy and falling into disrepair. While I wouldn't do a story about a mage opening a portal to Hell there, there's a lot of other things that could happen here.

Chapel Hill has Gimghoul Castle - sure, they SAY it's just a glorified frat house, but they would say that, wouldn't they? Bonus: it already has a ghost

Further afield, there's the Devil's Stamping Ground, and there are still lots of very scary, isolated rural locations that could be open to weird/unnatural happenings.

Anyone else thinking about doing something local?
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