Star Anvil Studios Project Updates!

1- SAINTs and Synners is in the works and that is firmly in hand with Gallant Knight Games, our partner for that setting book. When we have a firm date on availability we will update you.
2- The Secret World is in development and some work has already begun. We will have a specific launch date when we are closer to the 4th quarter.
3- Knights Arcanum was delayed but will certainly go to Kickstarter next year. Writing and art continue while we wait. All this means is that we can get more done and give you a great product when it launches. We are actively working toward a jumpstart to let you play around in the world of Kaber.
 Beyond that we have a lot of plans and cool things in mind but we are going to wait to reveal those once were much closer to launching them! Stay Tuned!
    The Team @ Star Anvil Studios
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