About Us

Star Anvil Studios’ Mission

Star Anvil Studios is an independent small RPG studio founded by Brandon Verhalen in 2017. Our mission statement is short, sweet, and simple: People first, business second. If we take care of people, people will take care of our business.

Brandon Verhalen, Founder and CEO

Brandon has been an RPG enthusiast for over 30 years. A lifelong fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy, Brandon was inspired by the Alternity RPG to create his first foray into the gaming world with Saints & Synners, a gritty sci-fi setting for the TinyD6 system. Creating Saints & Synners led Brandon to the foundation of Star Anvil Studios in 2017. Brandon is a patron of gaming artwork and has done the art direction for Star Anvil Studios since the beginning. His expertise with art direction led to featuring several pieces in the Palladium Rifter. A professional nurse, Brandon lives and works in Missouri with his beloved family.

Ross Watson, COO

Ross Watson is an Origins-award winning Writer and Game Designer with over two decades of experience in crafting immersive stories, creating memorable characters, and designing worlds for roleplaying games. He has worked on numerous high-profile titles for game lines including Darksiders II, Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Savage Worlds. He was the lead designer for several tabletop RPG game lines, including Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, and Wrath & Glory. Ross is a published author, with work featured in short story anthologies and dozens of tabletop supplements/rulebooks.