Knights Arcanum: Superheroic Fantasy through an 80’s Cartoon Lens

Once, the world of Kaber was like many others. Rich in magic, it was formed by the gods, who created people to work the land and raise up mighty civilizations. However, the netherites of the Dark Horde coveted Kaber for themselves, invading the world time and again only to be forced back by the gods’ divine might.

This continued until the netherites marshaled a force so powerful even the gods could not stop it. In defeat, the gods used their divine power to sunder Kaber into floating islands placed high above a mighty storm that sealed the netherites away… or so they thought. This event, called “the Sundering,” infused many of Kaber’s people with strange powers… superhuman abilities that made them more than just human. These were known as the imbued, and their super-powers changed life on Kaber considerably.

Over time, some of the Imbued became known as heroes, fighting for justice and defeating any sign of the netherites who lusted for conquest. Guided by a mysterious force called “the Oracles,” these super-beings became known as the Knights Arcanum, and they defended the people of Kaber for centuries.

Now, Kaber’s floating islands are linked by vast airships. Magically-powered technology, known as “arcanotech,” has modernized many aspects of life, powered by magic crystals. The Emperor who controlled three of the greatest kingdoms of Kaber has died, and many factions squabble for control. All the while, villainous Imbued and scheming Nether-Lords grow stronger and bolder. The people cry out for heroes, and the Knights Arcanum are called to answer.

Knights Arcanum Featured Products

Knights Arcanum Jumpstart: The Spider and the Scholar

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Knights Arcanum Playing Cards

A set of playing cards featuring Knights Arcanum heroes! Can be used for poker as a Savage Worlds action deck.