Saints & Synners: Sci-Fi Adventure in a Gritty Galaxy

The damaged and battered body of the galaxy has been infected. The wounds caused by the Armageddon War left a place for darkness to grow. The Syndicate, warlords, and remnants of the invading Nagatha have taken root in the outer edges of the galaxy.

Those left behind often turn to the Syndicate or seek to make their way through the gray. The star marines, the SAINT task force, and others seek to restore the law of the land but they are the few against many.

Standing on the brink, and just a push can slide you into the abyss. Are you SAINT or Synner, choose before the galaxy chooses for you.


In the SAINTS & Synners roleplaying game, you get to experience a high-action, cinematic science fiction universe created by Brandon Verhalen and gorgeously presented in full-color detail!

The universe is recovering from a brutal, devastating war, and in the ashes of this conflict, criminal organizations are running rampant.

You can be a Star Marine, helping to secure the future of the galaxy, working to clean and protect the outer edges of the galaxy. You can be a SAINT, a member of a task force dedicated to bringing down the criminal Syndicate. You can be a Synner, a member of the Syndicate, or you can create a character out only for themselves!

SAINTs & Synners Featured Products

SAINTs & Synners Tiny D6 Rulebook

A rules-lite approach
to gritty sci-fi roleplaying!

SAINTs and Synners Sci-Fi Playing Cards

Tarot-sized sci-fi playing cards than can also function as an action deck for Savage Worlds Games. Four jokers are included.