Announcing Dominions of Steel!

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Giant Stompy Robots Approaching!

Dominions of Steel, a game setting and sourcebook for Savage Worlds, has found its home with us at Star Anvil Studios!. Dominions of Steel is a feudal sci-fi setting where the players take on the roles of noble knights who pilot giant battle robots called Dragoons. The knights are in service to powerful Houses who rule in the far-flung Sagittarium Expanse, where star nations known as the Scavenger Lords struggle against one another for dominance, honor, and resources.

What are some of the features of Dominions of Steel?

  • The setting is deep and immersive, possessing vivid characters, unusual worlds, and compelling conflicts.
  • It is an RPG setting that focuses on the players working together to advance their noble house while dealing with threats from within and without.
  •  “Giant robot action” involving the Dragoons is worked right into the rules, so you can seamlessly transition from character-level play to wrecking the enemy with your dragoon’s mighty metal fists.
  • Dominions of Steel involves scheming, romance, and intrigue amongst the stars… are you bold enough to seize your destiny in the realm of the Scavenger Lords?

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