The Secret World: Modern-day Horror where an Age is Ending

An Age is Ending…

…and the darkest days are already here. As magic begins to fail, ancient enemies cast their avaricious gaze upon our world. Threats both mortal and cosmic—once thought merely myth, but horrifically all too real—begin to reveal themselves as the clock counts down towards apocalypse. In the midst of these growing shadows, some hope yet remains… and you are that hope.

You are the chosen of Gaia, imbued with fantastic powers that otherwise would take several lifetimes to learn. Forged in this time of need to defend our world, your skills, tenacity, and prowess may be enough to stave off the imminent darkness… or you may hasten its approach. This dire choice is yours to bear.

You are also an agent of a secret society: the stoic Templars, the enigmatic Dragon, or the guileful Illuminati. Your faction supports you as one of their champions, in exchange for certain “small favors” you perform on their behalf. The assistance they offer could aid in your fight or influence your decisions that may lead us towards destruction.

The Secret World role-playing game is the faithful adaptation and continuation of Funcom’s iconic MMORPG. Within these pages you will find rules for creating your own chosen hero, or “bee”, gain information on factions to join, and arm yourself with fantastic abilities that give you fighting chance to stop the world around you from crumbling into oblivion.

Place yourself on the front line of this fateful conflict by creating your own hero, choosing your unique background, and fleshing out your character’s affiliation with the three factions.

The Secret World awaits… do you have the courage to face its dangers?

Inspired by Funcom’s massively multiplayer online game, Secret World Legends

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