The Secret World RPG Backerkit Now Live!

By Published On: April 15th, 2023Categories: Kickstarter, The Secret World0 Comments

We know you’ve been waiting for this update, so we’re excited to announce that:

  1.  Pledge Manager (BackerKit) is open now! We’re pleased to announce that the Pledge Manager for The Secret World RPG is now open via the Backerkit platform! If you haven’t yet, very soon you’ll be receiving a link to your pledge manager: the Backerkit survey! You’ll be able to add any other stuff you may want to put in your shopping bag. (You can also go to and search using the email address you backed the campaign with, if you like)
  2.  Late Pledges are now open too! Know someone who’d loved to get their own copy of  The Secret World RPG? Here’s their chance!

Attention! Please read the following instructions carefully.

BackerKit is a pledge manager tool which allows you to select more add-ons, select your items, pay and update shipping! If you’d like to get in on the Secret World RPG offerings, click on the BackerKit link and follow the instructions for each page!

Some of the prompts may ask you to confirm your pledge level, answer some questions, add more items to your order, enter/update your shipping address, and finally, enter your payment details + confirmation.

The Deadline for submitting and paying for your pledge is May 31, 2023

On the survey system, you will be able to select individual Add-Ons you want to include in your pledge, if you’d like. If you want additional Pledges (Stretch Goals included) or additional copies of the Add-Ons, you will be able to purchase those as well. You will also define and confirm your shipping address and pay for your shipping cost once everything is selected.

MAKE SURE TO PAY AND SUBMIT YOUR SURVEY BY THE DEADLINE. Please be advised that this is the final deadline to guarantee your pledge and that we will produce based on the numbers of confirmed orders in Backerkit. If you fail to confirm your survey by the deadline, we will be completely unable to offer you a pledge later.

For backers familiar with the BackerKit system, please be advised that your payment will be processed immediately upon placing the order. You can still edit your address until the deadline, but your pledge level, optional buys, and additional items will be locked the moment the order is finalized. So be sure to fill out your survey carefully, including all the products you want, before May 31, 2023.

Collector’s Edition Covers!


As a special note, the backerkit is the last time we’ll be offering the special Collector’s Edition Covers for The Secret World RPG for the 5e system, so if you’ve had your eye on them, now’s the time!

You can not substitute a collector’s edition for the standard cover.

Printing & Shipping Cost Questions

We want to ensure our backers understand that you understand the cost of printing and shipping the book is in addition to the cost for backing. Please read below to understand those associated costs.

  • Standard Color 240 Page Hard Cover book 20.00 Approximate Printing Cost
  • Premium Color 240 Page Hard Cover Book 41.00 Approximate Printing Cost
  • Power Card Deck  Tarot Card Sized 16.00 or less
  • Monster Cards  Monster Card 8.00  Standard USA Shipping  Approximately 6$


Below, you can find a link to estimated shipping costs to your location from DriveThru: