Secret World and SAINTs & Synners Update!

The Secret World RPG

Backerkit: Access to the Secret World RPG backerkit ends May 31st! Make sure to grab anything you want from the offerings from the kickstarter before it is over!

Want to see the backerkit? Click here: Secret World Backerkit

Special NPC Backers: Artwork is underway and we’re on track to deliver before October of 2023.

Manuscript: All the files for the core book and stretch goals are at Funcom and we’re waiting on approval. Funcom tells us they are looking at the end of May for reviewing all the materials.

SAINTs & Synners

Tiny D6 Rulebook: The TinyD6 Rulebook for SAINTs & Synners is not available to buy for both physical book and PDF! Click the link here to purchase.

Future Plans

Jumpstart: The S&S Jumpstart for Savage Worlds is going into layout this month! Look for this to arrive soon.

Savage Worlds Edition: We are currently working on a Savage Worlds edition of SAINTs & Synners. We plan to announce more about this at a future date.