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This section of our website highlights game products for different genres outside of our main game lines. Check back here frequently to see what we’ve got cooking!

Enemies Unleashed

A prison break unleashes new villains into your superhero campaign! In Enemies Unleashed, you’ll find 15 new supervillains, fully-detailed with histories, motivations, and even information on whether they can be redeemed… or if they’re just villains for life. Enemies Unleashed introduces the prison of Wildstone Bay, a state-of-the-art corrections facility, but it wasn’t enough to stop the escape of some of the world’s nastiest supervillains. This is a perfect way to bring in some new supervillains to threaten your players in a superhero campaign. Enemies Unleashed has stats for the villains for both Prowlers & Paragons and Savage Worlds Supers.