‘Tis the Season of the Witch!

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Season’s Greetings!

Accursed has a Christmas-themed adventure titled Season of the Witch.

An idealistic young girl sets out to prove that the celebration of Evergreen Night is for everyone, even the reclusive and infamous Frau Pechta. The Penitents are asked to bring the girl back to her family before Frau Pechta’s inhuman hunger brings a grisly end to the holiday! Can the Accursed handle a sugar-spun stronghold, candy-frosted banes, and the spirit of the season?

Season of the Witch is a tongue-in-cheek, holiday themed 1-Sheet style scenario that focuses on the adventures of a band of Witchmarked heroes in the Accursed game setting. The adventure may be played as a standalone, or it may be used with the Plot Point Campaign included in Accursed. The adventure features brief scene descriptions, with necessary game mechanics and opportunity for tasks that can be resolved in a variety of ways.

Check it out or purchase it for your group if they want to engage in some holiday horror in the setting of Accursed!

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