Accursed Bundle Ending Soon!

By Published On: December 2nd, 2023Categories: Accursed, Sale, Savage Worlds0 Comments

Beware, mortals! The Accursed Bundle sale ends in just 48 hours! The bundle will be up for sale until Monday evening, at which time the products will return to their regular prices. This is your chance to pick up nearly the entire Accursed line for $50, a holiday steal worth your time!

Accursed is a dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds in which you play as the Accursed, people transformed into monsters by the evil witches who now rule the land of Morden. It is up to you and your fellow monstrous heroes to fight back against the witches and free the conquered lands from the witches’ oppression. In this bundle are rules for playing many different types of witchbreeds–the Accursed, ranging from the ghostly shades to the wolf-like vargr–plus rules for embracing or rejecting your curse, villainous banes (servants of the witches) to fight, and many, many adventures in the world of Morden.

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